Monday, March 07, 2011

Online Sample Ballots for NYC in Time for Next Election

On Friday, our friends at Citizens Union updated us on efforts at the City Council to hold the New York City Board of Elections accountable to its promise to post sample ballots online prior to an election. As we previously blogged, in November the City Board unanimously passed a motion to post sample ballots on its website. Council Member Gale Brewer introduced the bill which would amend the City Charter to require that the Board post sample ballots on its website at least one week prior to an election.

Unlike many other New York Counties, the New York City Board of Elections did not post sample ballot on its website in 2010. After obtaining a copy of the New York City sample ballot, we at ReformNY posted it to our blog (later discovering the mistake on the instructions) and received positive feedback.

Posting sample ballots online is common sense and cost effective way to educate voters. Sample Ballots will make for more confident voters, shorter lines at the polls, and avoid many of the problems encountered on Election Day.

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