Tuesday, November 30, 2010

City Board of Elections to Post Sample Ballots Online

Our friends at Citizens Union have informed us that the New York City Board of Elections unanimously passed a motion today that will ensure that sample ballots are posted on their website prior to an election.

This a victory for all voters in New York. For years, the Brennan Center and other groups have urged the City Board to post sample ballots on their website, allowing voters to familiarize themselves with the new paper ballots prior to casting their vote. As we have written before, this will make for more confident voters, shorter lines at the polls, and avoid many of the problems encountered on Election Day.

We are pleased that the City Board will be joining 26 other counties in New York State in posting sample ballots online. We hope that this decision is a sign of more reforms to follow.

Now that this issue has been resolved, let’s move on to designing a better and less confusing ballot that the City Board can proudly post on their website in time for the next election.

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