Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AG Gives Senator's Fridge Cold Shoulder

Generally speaking I'm a fan of increased oversight, especially in the case of member items.

This spring Attorney General Cuomo proclaimed that he would question the nearly $170 million of grants that come from state funds, in part to ensure that are no conflicts of interests between the recipient groups and the legislators.

As reported by Newsday's Michael Gormley, the first batch of rejected grants are posted to the attorney general's Project Sunlight. The nixed member items include $5,000 for a walk-in fridge for an Elks Lodge in Massapequa submitted by Long Island state Senator Charles Fuschillo due to "insufficient information." Other items were rejected due to constitutional or statuary concerns, or for lack of explanation of conflict of interest.

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MikeM said...

UI believe that would be the Associated Press's Michael Gormley.