Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Public and Press Scream for Action; Is Albany Listening?

We've seen a bunch of editorials in the last few days bemoaning the bunker mentality of New York's elected officials.

From the Star-Gazette (Elmira): "If there were such a thing as a negligence meter in Albany, it would likely register in the red zone these days."

From the Times Herald-Record (Hudson Valley): "The most important development in the continuing Albany scandal involving misuse of state resources and dirty political tricks is more about what is not happening than what is. What is not happening is important state business, the kind that needs the participation of the governor and the Legislature."

From the Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton): "Enough of this shell game. Move on. There are plenty of unresolved issues before the Legislature for this session that could still be addressed if attention was diverted from this silliness. Imagine what could be achieved in Albany if this petty partisanship could be put aside."

The bottom line? Get back to work, Albany.

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