Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Post-Argument Press

We apologize for the radio silence on last week's Supreme Court argument in Lopez Torres v. NYS Board of Elections. Justice shouldn't take a holiday, but sometimes ReformNY must.

The Daily News argues that despite the U.S. Supreme Court's questions and comments suggesting that they are "constitutionally comfortable" with New York's judicial selection process, it is "appalling" to approve a system that denies New Yorkers any meaningful say over who becomes a judge on the state's most important trial court.

The Times Union notes that despite New York's "broken" and "undemocratic" process, the U.S. Supreme Court seems inclined to find New York's judicial conventions constitutional. The editorial argues that if the justices lived in New York, they "might have another view."

And the Buffalo News states that New York's "corrupted boss-driven apparatus provides a window into the entire mechanism of [its] state government." The editorial states that "it is all but impossible to win a place on the ballot without the approval of the party boss, and the boss's evaluation is based in large part on how much money you give him."

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