Thursday, February 01, 2007

Andrew Cuomo on "Project Sunlight"

It appears that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s "Project Sunlight” has the potential to be just as revealing as some of the outfits on "Project Runway". The proposal, which Governor Spitzer’s budget proposes to fund, would collect and consolidate important government data on one website. The AG’s Public Integrity Bureau would use the site to reveal information about "legislative activity, campaign finance, lobbying, state contracts, and corporations."

Cuomo said in a statement yesterday:
The web site will be searchable, easy-to-use, and allow for cross-referencing of the data. Our current disclosure system is balkanized and unconnected. The state now provides scattered “dots” of information. We will connect those dots to show the full picture. In fact, not only will we bring together this disparate information – we will improve it. In so doing we will increase trust and accountability, and empower citizen activists, journalists, bloggers, and public interest groups to monitor government.
Being bloggers from a public interest group, we tip our hats to Cuomo for taking steps toward making government disclosure not only more complete but more accessible. We look forward to trying out the website as soon as it comes online!

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