Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New York, the EAC and CIBER

For those of you that haven't seen it, the Election Assistance Commission (the federal agency that sets guidelines for voting machines) finally released at least some of its papers relating to CIBER, the independent testing authority hired by New York to certify its new electronic voting machines. The most disturbing sentence that comes up over and over in these reviews of CIBER is "CIBER has not shown the resources to provide a reliable product."

Joe Hall at UC Berkeley has estimated that CIBER qualified the voting systems used by 68.5% of registered voters (67.9% of precincts) in the 2006 election. To which, all we can say is yikes!

Meanwhile, Frank Lombardi in the Daily News reports that the recent revelations about CIBER's problems may force New York to cancel its contract with the testing authority:

A showdown with ... Ciber Inc., could come as early as Tuesday in Albany at a meeting of the state Board of Elections.

If Ciber's contract is canceled, the state's certification process would face even more delays, leaving the state's counties and New York City up in the air about what machines they could buy.

Truly a mess.

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