Monday, August 23, 2010

New Yorkers (and others) Speak out on New Yorks' Horrible Ballot Design

In yesterday's New York Times, City Critic Ariel Kaminer did a great job detailing some of the challenges New Yorkers will face when using our new voting machines this fall, and in particular highlighting the lousy interface that "informs" voters if it can't read their paper ballot because it believes they've selected too many candidates. We've blogged on this before, of course.

The Times has also taken on another important design issue that will impact the experience of voters this fall, and it's another topic that is near and dear to our hearts: New York's ridiculous requirements for the design of paper ballots, which makes them far more confusing and difficult to use than paper ballots almost anywhere else in the United States. The Times asked for suggestions for improvements to these design requirements and has received some very interesting and useful suggestions.

We encourage our readers to stop at the Times site and submit suggestions of their own. It may be too late to make changes for this election, but we'll be pushing the State Legislature to make changes to ensure better design in future elections next fall.

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