Friday, November 06, 2009

"Greater transparency" without information is not greater transparency

To some fanfare, the Senate yesterday unveiled its new open legislation portal. The new site provides some information on bills (i.e., bill text, sponsor memo, status, bill summary, and voting records) that was not previously available on-line in a single place (though, as far as I can tell, it was all available somewhere). The new site is certainly easier to use than the old site.

Unfortunately, the new site still doesn't provide New Yorkers with the kind of critical information residents of other states can get to assess legislators and legislation: full fiscal notes, committee votes, floor debate transcripts, previous versions of amended bills, committee reports, etc.

It's wonderful to have a new database that makes searching easier. It would be more wonderful if the Senate would post information that would the database useful to people who want to fully understand legislation and the actions of their Senators.

We hope that's coming soon.

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Bill said...

of course, this site is still nowhere near as good as LRS. good to see the senate's still letting lobbyists get the best information.