Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Look at the Minority Report on Rules Reform

Yesterday, three Republican members of the Senate’s Temporary Committee on Rules and Administration Reform released a minority report detailing areas where they felt that the committee fell short.

Unsurprisingly, the emphasis of the report is on equal allocation of resources, a familiar refrain for Republican Senators once they became the minority party.

While we would have liked to see more passion for other aspects of reform, the committee did rightly point out a few important areas where there is more work to be done, including developing a process to force a floor vote on a bill, developing rules for committee amendments, and allowing committee chairs or bill sponsors to convene conference committees.

While none of these ideas went completely unaddressed in the Temporary Committee’s main report, it’s good to see more senators going on the record as being committed to making sure that these reforms are accomplished in the next few months.

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