Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Voting Systems: New York Can't Catch A Break

This won't help New York get new voting systems any faster.

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ClearEye said...

Why would you want NY to get "21st century" voting machines? Have you been living on Mars? Citizen empowerment groups and good government groups all over the country are trying to go to paper ballots because of voting and tabulating irregularities produced by those machines, and you want NYers to have to vote on them. In the mechanical lever machines we have the only system that is better than paper ballots because they mitigate the risk of stuffed or stolen ballot boxes, and you're in a hurry to dump them.

Tell you what. I'll help you make a deal w/ the BOE for you to be the only person voting on one of their test machines while the rest of us vote on the old ones.

Even Gov. Patterson preferred to vote on a mechanical lever machine rather than the special electronic one that was available to him because of his disability. But they're not good enough for you.