Monday, September 29, 2008

Assemblyman Kellner Discloses
Disclosure Form

Micah Kellner, Assemblyman of the 65th district of Manhattan's Upper East Side, released his ethics disclosure form for us to post and for all to see. It's available as a PDF file download here. For the unfamiliar it's worth reading for the range of questions.

Members' ethics forms aren't readily accessible to the public. To obtain copies one must make a Freedom of Information Law request of the state Legislative Ethics Commission. And, even then, as Jeremy Peters of the New York Times reported, imporant portions are omitted.

We invite other members of the legislature to send their non-redacted disclosure forms; we'll post them too. Send to, subject line "Full Disclosure."

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Anonymous said...

Please, legislators, don't all rush to post your ethics form at the same time as you may crash the server!