Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a Difference Change of Leadership Means--On the Last Day of Session

The last act of state Senator Joe Bruno, now former Majority Leader, was foiled by--imagine this--procedural rules wielded wisely by a member of his own party.

According to an account by Newsday's Elizabeth Moore, Bruno introduced a measure to exempt dentists from certain rules affecting office surgery. The bill was brought to the floor via the Rules Committee, which Bruno, like the speaker of the Assembly, chairs and not the Health Committee. Senator Kemp Hannon, the chair of the relevant committee and fellow Republican, complained about seeing the bill only 30 minutes earlier.

Then, according to Moore's account: "After Bruno ignored his request to lay the bill aside, Hannon demanded a slow roll call, a maneuver more typical of the minority party. When Democrats joined him, Bruno stopped the vote and called an end to the session."

In the vein of New York Post gossip doyenne Cindy Adams: Only in New York, kids, very rarely in New York, kids.

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