Friday, September 28, 2007

1974 vs. 2007? Not So Different

In celebration of its 150th Birthday, the Times Union has for the last year been reprinting select editorials from the past. It makes for great historical reading --providing the paper's thoughts on everything from the "Korean Crisis" to the Death of John Lennon to Bush v. Gore. For now, they can all be found here. Check them out while you can -- it looks like the series will end in a couple of weeks.

One editorial of particular interest to ReformNY is from November 7, 1974, just as the Democrats were about to take control over the Assembly (believe it or not, they have not controlled that chamber forever!), and after New Yorkers elected Hugh Carey, the first Democratic Governor in 16 years. The Times Union had a wish list for the new Governor. Below are the first four "most desirable" items the Times Union hoped the new Governor and Legislature would tackle:

Public financing of election campaigns.
Full financial disclosure by public officials.
Reform of the state's judicial system.
More open decision making in state government.

The more things change . . . .

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