Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rachel Leon Leaving Common Cause New York for JEHT Foundation

Rachel Leon, a ten year veteran at Common Cause New York and close ally of the Brennan Center, will be leaving her post as executive director in July to become Senior Program Manager for the Fair and Participatory Elections program at the JEHT Foundation. We wish her all the best in her new position and hope to continue working closely with both her and Common Cause.

Can we hear a "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Gerrymandering's Got to Go!" for Rachel? Or substitute another favorite Reform NY Day cheer. Altogether now!

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Joe Dunst said...

I think the Brennan Center should support a NY Law, i.e., PENSION FORFEITURE for OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT
like 12 other states have enacted.
Slaps on the wrists are not the best concepts of GOOD GOVERNMENT.
I have seen too many legislators and judges rewarded with excellent
and costly Pension Plans that taxpayers pay for. Strong incentitives are needed to make
officials more ETHICAL.