Monday, June 04, 2007

Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial on the Need for Campaign Finance Reform

The Poughkeepsie Journal highlights one of the many reasons New York needs campaign finance reform:
Worst yet, enforcers have done a lousy job monitoring existing campaign finance laws. The Gannett News Service in Albany reported about 160 corporations and nonprofits apparently violated New York's limit on campaign contributions in the 2006 elections alone, basing information on a study by a coalition of good-government groups.

Some companies went well beyond the $5,000 donation - but found ways around the law by making some of the contributions to political committees, not to specific lawmakers. Incredibly, the state Board of Elections, which should have more oversight over these transactions, has only one person assigned to investigate these cases. This has to change.
Governor Spitzer's plan would close the loophole that allows corporations and individuals to bypass campaign contribution limits by donating through limited liability corporations.

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