Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lord Bruno of the Banana Republic of Albany

The Daily News editorial staff blasted Senate Majority Leader Bruno this morning for his response to Governor Spitzer's accusations that the Senate leader was to blame for the end-of-session disappointment. They write:
Hearing Bruno knock Spitzer for being autocratic was hilarious considering nothing happens in the Senate without the blessing of Lord Bruno of the Banana Republic of Albany. Unaccustomed to being asked to play by someone else's rules, he is responding with less aplomb than fellow Lord Sheldon Silver The Sly, Assembly Speaker.
While these jabs are good for a chuckle, the Daily News also gets down to business, calling on Bruno to join Senate Minority Leader Smith and Assembly leadership in open negotiations on the big issues that were left on the table last week. We especially like the suggestion that the sessions be webcast.

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