Friday, May 04, 2007

If Only Tedisco Could Convince Bruno

Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco announced yesterday that he will introduce legislation to regulate the practice of bundling campaign contributions. Tedisco seeks a $100,000 limit on the contributions an individual may bundle, and further, he thinks bundlers’ identities, occupations, employers and spouse’s employers should be made public.

The Post characterizes this move as a “shot across the campaign finance bow at Eliot” and argues that Tedisco is “out-reforming Eliot.” Like proposing further reform of a broken system is a bad thing. It may be a political game of “gotcha,” but in the end, passage of this type of legislation would benefit New Yorkers.

We welcome all reforms that would limit the influence of big donations over elected officials, and we don’t care which side of the aisle they come from. Now, if only Tedisco could get Bruno and the Senate majority on board and effect real change...

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