Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reform NY Day: Governor Spitzer & Campaign Finance Reform

Yesterday, Eliot Spitzer became the sitting first governor to address the Reform Day crowd, giving a rousing speech detailing, among other things, his requirements for a campaign finance reform deal.

He said he would not sign a bill without:
  • Contribution limits set at least as low as those he and Lt. Governor Paterson have imposed on themselves;
  • Limits on soft money to party housekeeping accounts;
  • Limits on PAC donations;
  • A ban on contributions from subsidiaries and LLCs; and
  • An overhaul of the Board of Elections’ ability to enforce the law.
He also put his support behind full public financing of state elections.

As was reported this morning, Spitzer and the legislative leaders were negotiating a bill to overhaul campaign finance (not including public financing), but the deal fell through when Majority Leader Bruno rejected the prohibition on contributions from subsidiaries and LLCs.

Spitzer stood just as strong during his speech in other reform areas. He promised the introduction of several constitutional amendments, including an independent redistricting commission, same-day voter registration, and merit selection for judges.

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