Friday, April 06, 2007

Reform 101

The Democrat and Chronicle was referring to member items today when it wrote that the key to reform is to ensure "new rules are enforced" and that there is "complete transparency in the process" in future years. The paper goes on to note that while it's made progress in the past few months, "New York isn't there yet."

We agree that enforcement and transparency are critical to really reforming the process of doling out member items (otherwise known as pork). But we'd go even further and note that these two principles are integral to all important reforms in New York: whether it's the budget, campaign finance, ethics or legislative rules, New Yorkers are entitled to a system that is open to full public review, and that comes down hard on those who violate the rules.

As New York considers reform in a host of areas in the coming months, these two ideas -- transparency and enforcement -- must always play a central role.

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