Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rochester Businessman Enumerates Crucial New York Reforms

The Democrat and Chronicle ran an essay by Joseph Klein, president of Klein Steel Services in Rochester, detailing how to pull upstate out of its “decline into the ‘new Appalachia.’”

We were especially pleased to see that he considers our recommended reforms to the way the Legislature operates (item #7 on Klein’s list) crucial to reversing this downturn.

Indeed, regardless of partisanship, ideology, and geography, all New Yorkers need and deserve a properly functioning Legislature that is responsive, deliberative, accessible, accountable, and efficient. This means that legislators must reform the operating rules of the Senate and Assembly to allow rank-and-file members to force hearings and votes on bills; end the stranglehold leadership has over getting bills to the floor; institutionalize conference committees; and codify a formula for giving all members an equal base allowance for office resources and staff.

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I agree! I agree!