Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Journal News on Restoring Funds for Project Sunlight

The Journal News ran a great editorial this morning criticizing the Senate’s stripping of funds for Project Sunlight from their proposed budget. They put the $700,000 item in the context of a budget of $120 billion, “give or take a few billion dollars,” and conclude that Project Sunlight would give us some great bang for comparatively few bucks:
Imagine being able to type in your lawmaker's name, hitting a button, and in an instant learning who butters her bread and how? Think that might get us a better brand of leadership?
That would definitely be a refreshing development in a state that has too long suffered under obfuscating lawmakers.

Majority Leader Bruno and the Senate majority should restore the funds to their proposed budget, and Governor Spitzer, Assembly Speaker Silver, and Attorney General Cuomo shouldn’t take no for an answer.

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