Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bringing the U.S. Attorney Controversy Home to NY

Alan Chartock in the Troy Record this morning warns that we should keep an eye on the investigation of Senate Majority Leader Bruno by the FBI and “an independent but Republican-appointed U.S. Attorney.” He writes:
Since all of New York and specifically all the players in Albany have been waiting to see whether Bruno would be indicted and since there have been numerous leaks from the Justice Department and FBI to the media about Bruno's prospects and status of the investigation, one has to wonder whether the alleged White House meddling in the Justice Department has taken its toll on the investigation. Look at it this way: New York has become so blue (Democratic) that you can't even see through the water. The last vestige of Republican power in Albany is Joe Bruno and the Republican Senate is holding on for dear life...If an indictment was to be handed down, Bruno would have to move aside and a serious spike would have been driven into the heart of Republican hopes to hold onto the state Senate. If you were Karl Rove or the President and you saw this happening, would you want your own Justice Department to have hammered the last coffin nail?
A bit of a stretch, perhaps, but certainly an interesting perspective on a controversy that has been so prominent in the news over the last few weeks.

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