Sunday, February 18, 2007

Five More Chances To Push Reform?

As the Albany Project notes there are potentially five special elections coming up in the Assembly in May of this year:

AD16: Assemblyman Tom DiNapoli (D) was just chosen by his colleagues to become the next state comptroller in the wake of Alan Hevesi's resignation.

AD61: Sadly, John Lavelle (D) passed away last month. He was only 57.

AD62: Vincent Ignizio (R) is running in a special election for New York City Council. If he wins, a special election will be necessary in this district. Notably, Ignizio is the only Republican Assemblymember in the city.

AD65: Spitzer has tapped Alexander "Pete" Grannis (D) (who happens to be my Assemblyman) to run the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

AD105: Paul Tonko (D) will reportedly leave to head up the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

Together, these races have the potential to represent an early-in-the-session referendum on the Legislature's performance. Will New Yorkers use these elections to remind our legislature that we are looking for far more ambitious reform than we have yet seen? We can certainly hope so.

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