Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bruno on Bonacic's Fate After Vote for Majority Leader

A Republican senator from the Catskills area, John Bonacic, has been trying to drum up a movement within the majority caucus to boot Joe Bruno out of the top majority position. He hasn’t had much success in recruiting members to his cause, and there has been some speculation about Bonacic’s fate after today’s leadership vote.

However, as reported by the Times Herald-Record:
When asked whether Bonacic might suffer repercussions for his insurrection, Bruno said, “There are no repercussions about anything.” “Life is what it is.”
We hope Majority Leader Bruno lives up to this statement. Under current Senate rules, the Majority Leader holds what amounts to absolute control over office space, resources, and which bills reach the floor of the Senate for a vote, which means that Senator Bonacic has taken a real chance by challenging Bruno’s power.

We also think that if Senator Bonacic is concerned with Bruno’s position in the Senate, he should sponsor a resolution amending the rules to relieve the Majority leader of exclusive control over the most basic member needs. The ability of a legislator to represent his or her constituents in government should not be contingent upon loyalty to a party leader.

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Anonymous said...

Spitzer should tap Bonacic like he did with Balboni.