Friday, November 03, 2006

Spano's Condemnation of Attempted Voter Intimidation

As an update to our post earlier in the week, it appears that we have all gotten on board with the idea that having a police officer show up at your door is pretty intimidating. On Wednesday, Nick Spano wrote to the Westchester County Board of Elections to condemn last-minute challenges to 5,929 registered voters in the 35th Senate District, joining Andrea Stewart Cousins in rejecting the challenge operation. As Senator Spano explained:
While most reasonable people would agree that there are appropriate times for the Board of Elections to review and purge registration lists (such as the removal of deceased individuals), the week or even the months directly before an election is definitely not the appropriate time --- and using the police as a vehicle to facilitate the purge is most definitely not the appropriate mechanism.
We reasonable people wholeheartedly agree. Last-minute mass challenges with the serious potential to intimidate and disenfranchise should be roundly shouted down, across the board. We’re very pleased to see both major parties’ standard-bearers take up that call.

Update: Read Spano's letter to the Westchester Board of Elections.

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