Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Encouraging Rather than Suppressing Voters

We spend so much of our time railing against voter suppression strategies that it’s always nice to learn about a group working to expand the electorate. The University of Buffalo has decided to partner with the Buffalo News, the Western New York Regional Education Center for Economic Development, and the Buffalo Alliance for Education to support and expand Kids Voting Western New York. The program, started in 1996, is an affiliate of Kids Voting USA, a national organization that partners with schools and election officials to expand civic learning in schools. Students from Kindergarten to high school learn the importance of the democratic process and citizen participation in government. This is a refreshing contrast to recent efforts to suppress voter participation with tactics such as restrictive voter identification laws, suspicious voter purges, and the crackdown on voter registration drives. We applaud the groups involved and hope more get on board in the future.

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