Friday, August 18, 2006

NY Post on Spitzer the Reformer

The New York Post editorial board provides us with their impression of Eliot Spitzer after meeting with him on Wednesday:

Within "30 to 60 days" of his taking office, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer insists, New Yorkers will see evidence of "fundamental change" in Albany.

Spitzer vowed to start fixing the state's "broken politics" from Day One.

The Post notes that if elected, Spitzer is likely to find formidable resistance to implementing the key reforms he highlighted for them, like ending district gerrymandering and ensuring greater transparency. On the other hand, the Post notes, the potential benefits to Spitzer and New York are tremendous:

But if he does break the mold, change the game, end Albany's legal corruption and perverted politics - well, that's something else entirely.

His future, as they say, will be ahead of him.

New York's, too.

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