Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dysfunction and the Power Grid

The Journal News blames the Legislature for failing to act on improving the distribution of electricity and warns a federal takeover of the issue could be coming. Key graphs:

"A U.S. Department of Energy report puts New York state on notice: Get moving on improving the distribution of electricity to reduce "critical congestion" on the power grid, or we'll come and do it for you. Consider the report a cannon ball across the bow of home rule.

...New York's law on locating power plants expired in 2002 and the Legislature, in typical New York dysfunction, has not been able to agree on a new one. That, despite warning after warning that the state needs more power to meet future growth from the New York Power Authority, Independent Power Producers of New York and the New York Independent System Operator, which is responsible for ensuring a reliable power supply.

"...The Energy Department is expected to begin designating electricity transmission corridors by the end of the year. Will that give the procrastinators in Albany a jolt into realizing that in-state cooperation, and action, are better than federal intervention? Excuse us for being wary."

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