Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Will New York State Cut Taxes?

This editorial in the Buffalo News asks why New York can't manage to reduce its citizen's tax burden, like so many other states across the country. Giving a plug to our friends at upstateblog, the Buffalo News notes that unhappiness with the State Legislature has spread throughout the state:

For those who might want to shrug off the opinions of this page, read upstateblog.com any day. This compendium of newspaper stories, columns and editorials shows a surprising unanimity from here to Plattsburgh to Binghamton to Melville: Senate Republicans and Assembly Democrats lead this state toward extinction. It's staggering how out of touch they are with what's working elsewhere.

(Unfortunately, the Buffalo News gave the wrong url for upstate blog. It's upstateblog.net)

We'd add that some folks here in New York City are rather unhappy with the legislature as well. Making the legislature more accountable to the will of the people is something we should all agree on.

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