Monday, July 24, 2006

Big Budget

Also in the Opinion section of yesterday's Times, some startling numbers relating to the budget. According to the Times, spending increased by $10.1 billion. The Times notes that at its current rate "the state’s debt could increase to nearly $65 billion, or more than a third of the projected state budget, in five years."

Where is all that money going? Well, no one place of course. But we couldn't help but notice this item:

...legislators and Mr. Pataki made a big splash last month when they announced that a computer chip factory would be built in Saratoga County. The project will cost the state between $1.2 billion to over $3 billion in various tax breaks, loan guarantees and other subsidies.

According to one estimate, each new job will cost a whopping $1 million. But here’s the clincher: The chip fab, as the factory is called, will be located in the district of the Senate majority leader, Joseph Bruno, one of the three most powerful men in New York State government.

In case you were concerned, the power of the "big three" (Pataki, Silver and Bruno) appears as strong as ever.

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