Friday, January 21, 2011

On Citizens United Anniversary, Fight for Campaign Finance Reform Continues

As Capital Tonight reported, the Brennan Center, along with other good government groups, is stepping up its calls for the public financing of elections in New York. In a joint letter to Governor Cuomo marking the anniversary of the Citizens United decision, civic groups are reminding the governor of his pledge during his State of the State address to create a system of public financing of elections. New York City’s matching funds system serves as an excellent model for the governor and the legislature to adopt for elections for the entire state.

As the Siena Poll released earlier this week revealed, creating a system of public financing of elections has broad support among New Yorkers -- from both Democrats and Republicans, self-identified liberals, moderates and conservatives. NYPIRG’s recent release on New York’s outrageous contribution limits further reinforces how out of date New York’s campaign finance laws truly are. It isn’t just our legislature that is dysfunctional, but the system that sends legislators to Albany is rotten as well. As my colleague Larry Norden wrote last month, if we truly seek reform the culture in Albany, we must start with the way we finance elections.

The full letter to Gov. Cuomo can be viewed here.

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