Monday, March 17, 2008

Open Letter to Governor Paterson

Dear Governor Paterson,

Today, thanks to an orderly, if hurried, transition, the business of people of New York, more than 19 million, will continue with you as our new governor.

With great hope and expectation, you were part of a ticket that swept into office 14 months ago on the crest of an overwhelming majority and the promise of breaking Albany’s disappointing tradition of dysfunction.

Governor Spitzer’s first State of the State address—day one in Albany—set lofty goals on many fronts. Day one, year two was notable more for what was omitted: campaign finance and lobbying reform and non-partisan redistricting were among the reform initiatives seemingly cast aside with the ebb of civility and cooperation.

While we don’t expect the skies above the Capitol to open and celestial choirs to emerge singing “I Love New York,” we have renewed hope that your ascendancy will mean a return to the mandate for change.

Perhaps it's more fitting to reference another state symbol, our motto: Excelsior! Or, Ever Upward.


Reform New York

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